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The Big Secret To Google AdSense

The big secret to Google AdSense is…there is no big secret. Disappointed? Perhaps this list of tips will help you increase your AdSense revenue…but remember…there’s no 1 thing that “works.” For the most part, AdSense works because a lot of different parts work. So far, by following these tips, I’ve increased my earnings around 200% in the past week. Take that for what you will–just remember–test, test and test. Test until you know what works for your site.

1) Make your ads blend in

Make your ads blend into your site. Make the ad border and background color the same color as your site’s background color. Make the ad title’s the same color as your links. Make sure there’s plenty of padding around the ads. I’ve found the more white space the better. If you have an image or animated gif (non-commercial…perhaps a register image?) next to the ads I’ve found this too helps. Test, test and test different formats.

2) Specific content

Make sure your content is specific. It’s better to have 10 pages about 10 things than 1 page about 10 tasks. Your content should reflect what’s on your site..

3) One really good ad is better than 3 O.K. ads

I’ve found that it’s better to have 1 really good ad than 3 O.K. ads. I think this is because when you show more ads, you show lower paying ads. So if/when the visitor clicks, they’re clicking lower paying ads.

4) Ad placement

Make sure you’re ads are placed in strategical spots. Reference some heatmaps.

5) Experiment

Just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Experiment, test and track the results. Don’t change your ads more frequently than weekly. Daily figures can range dramatically–take the week’s average.

Good luck. I’ve read a lot of different things–and the one “big secret” is there is no big secret. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. That’s just the way it is. I’d love to know what works for everyone else.

John Rashid
John Rashid

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