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PS4 in Germany

At the Central PlayStation 4-celebration at the Potsdamer Platz, which Sony has held on the evening of the 28 November 2013, there was one thing above all: long lines. What at least not there in sufficient quantity, was the PS4. Although Sony had said in advance that all visitors can buy one of the new consoles, estimates above 3,000 players, of which a small portion stood since Wednesday in the cold.

The situation looks somewhat different at least on Friday morning in the Saturn in the Europe Center in Berlin. Who is hurry there may have luck with little queuing up – all day long, the stocks would hardly be sufficient, a co-worker said.

Otherwise the situation in more outlying branches, as the media market in Pasing Munich known as Nerdhochburg. There, long queue had formed from half past eight in the morning. The very small, yet non-persistant quota at the PS4 console was not all waiting. Allegedly, no new console just as in the trade is currently available in the entire greater Munich area.

The hand is to hear that the property markets are supplied in the coming week with new Xbox one consoles. Supply of PlayStation-4 devices is expected until the week after next. The most consoles are already reserved. Who must have one, try either personally on-site or via the Web pages of the dealer to pre-order a copy. Dealer websites seem stable so far. They have a good hosting company.

Amazon indicates availability from 20th December 2013 for the Xbox one. Who ordered the PlayStation 4 now, gets them according to the online retailer is expected until after Christmas, probably only in January 2014.

The situation is similar at the specialized game hardware and software retail chain GameStop. Online the PlayStation 4 is there no order, the Xbox one is available 13 December 2013. On the map with the individual branches are in the case of the PS4 to see only red “sold out”-Fähnchen, with the Xbox one, there are at least a couple green “in stock” – marks.

High price premiums on eBay

The Xbox one, which costs officially around 500 euro is available for 550 to 600 euros on eBay. The premiums are significantly larger when the PlayStation 4: instead of the official price recommendation of 400 euros payable at the moment depending on the seller between 600 and 800 euros.

The platform tries to restrict the black market at least some. Who would like to order more than nine PlayStation 4 in one swoop, receives a note: “most eBay members may sell the new video game console, there are however limits for the number of items that can be set per week.” A request for details and the exact reason has not been answered by eBay so far.

There are both consoles only in the “household” amount of two copies per buyer at It is also not possible to redirect the delivery. According to Amazon, this is so because of technical problems. There is also speculation that this direct resale is to be complicated by pre-ordered consoles to the highest bidder at auctions.

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