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Mark Cuban on Podcasting

Mark Cuban has an interesting piece about his thoughts on Podcasting:

Unless you are repurposing content from another medium, it will be rare to find anyone making money from originating podcasts.

He continues,

Podcasting is hot. Podcasting is cheap and easy. Podcasting can be fun.
Creating your own podcast and trying to make a business out of it is a mistake.

I wonder what Jason Calacanis would have to say about this:

Wasn’t sure if podcasting was going to be a business—then thousands of folks started downloading our podcasts.

I don’t mean to call Mark Cuban or Jason Calacanis out, but they are two people I’ve come to respect and it’s kind of interesting that they have such different views.

What are your thoughts?

The Big Secret To Google AdSense

The big secret to Google AdSense is…there is no big secret. Disappointed? Perhaps this list of tips will help you increase your AdSense revenue…but remember…there’s no 1 thing that “works.” For the most part, AdSense works because a lot of different parts work. So far, by following these tips, I’ve increased my earnings around 200% in the past week. Take that for what you will–just remember–test, test and test. Test until you know what works for your site.

1) Make your ads blend in

Make your ads blend into your site. Make the ad border and background color the same color as your site’s background color. Make the ad title’s the same color as your links. Make sure there’s plenty of padding around the ads. I’ve found the more white space the better. If you have an image or animated gif (non-commercial…perhaps a register image?) next to the ads I’ve found this too helps. Test, test and test different formats.

2) Specific content

Make sure your content is specific. It’s better to have 10 pages about 10 things than 1 page about 10 tasks. Your content should reflect what’s on your site..

3) One really good ad is better than 3 O.K. ads

I’ve found that it’s better to have 1 really good ad than 3 O.K. ads. I think this is because when you show more ads, you show lower paying ads. So if/when the visitor clicks, they’re clicking lower paying ads.

4) Ad placement

Make sure you’re ads are placed in strategical spots. Reference some heatmaps.

5) Experiment

Just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Experiment, test and track the results. Don’t change your ads more frequently than weekly. Daily figures can range dramatically–take the week’s average.

Good luck. I’ve read a lot of different things–and the one “big secret” is there is no big secret. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. That’s just the way it is. I’d love to know what works for everyone else.

FatCow Under Surveillance

Starting a Business

You need to ensure there is a great product and take all of the necessary procedure for market it so people actually know your company exists when you are a startup. Nowadays though, it is simple to show the entire world what your company provides since it is simpler to set up your personal business website. Before you decide to even begin looking at website hosting services, you have to determine what you would like and and search for e.g. on this link.

Different Hosting for Different Businesses

You should think about the type of business you wish to take part in so that you can consider which hosting to get. Many webmasters try to go for free web hosting for their first websites so they can save their capital or something else. Do keep in mind though that price is not all you should think about when looking for a web host. If you want to give your site a crisp and professional look, then you need to steer clear of the free web hosts as they will post ads and on your pages and will not have any technical assistance for you. To start things out on the proper foot, you might want to get a paid website hosting plan immediately therefore you do not need to be worried about ads littering your internet site and you will also rely on having technical assistance in the event you need some assist with your internet site.

The biggest question: cost

You might be concerned about the cost of a paid website hosting plan however, you need to find out there are many website hosting providers that provide really affordable plans. Take a look at website hosting plans because they have ones that cost a couple of dollars per month and they’ll even help you in building your internet site. They likewise have special rates for Windows based businesses you can excel to look at.

Customer feedback

Aside from the price, you may also want to have a look at the customer feedback for the webhosts you are considering. You might view review sites and find out what customers assert about their customer care and their tech support too. Take a look at whether or not they meet their uptime promises (stats can be seen at and find out if absolutely free themes are pleased with the actual offer.

Evaluate features in light of your needs

Attempt to consider the other features they offer their paid web hosting subscribers as well. In 2003, probably the most they can provide you with was 5 Mb of disk space and today, you may get almost unlimited amounts of that. You may have to spend some time looking for the best plan from your right company but it is time well spent. Once you maintain your needs as well as your business goals in your mind, you are definitely to get the perfect plan and perfect webhost.

Website Downtime Recently

Guys, I just wanted to write a quick note letting you know that the website should be stable again. I had some uptime issues with my hosting company.  It’s not that easy with uptime, even the government can’t keep it at 100%.

As of the most recent info my hosting company provided me, it’s all sorted out and the website should function as usual.

If you still cannot access the site, drop me a message and I will look into it.

PS4 in Germany

At the Central PlayStation 4-celebration at the Potsdamer Platz, which Sony has held on the evening of the 28 November 2013, there was one thing above all: long lines. What at least not there in sufficient quantity, was the PS4. Although Sony had said in advance that all visitors can buy one of the new consoles, estimates above 3,000 players, of which a small portion stood since Wednesday in the cold.

The situation looks somewhat different at least on Friday morning in the Saturn in the Europe Center in Berlin. Who is hurry there may have luck with little queuing up – all day long, the stocks would hardly be sufficient, a co-worker said.

Otherwise the situation in more outlying branches, as the media market in Pasing Munich known as Nerdhochburg. There, long queue had formed from half past eight in the morning. The very small, yet non-persistant quota at the PS4 console was not all waiting. Allegedly, no new console just as in the trade is currently available in the entire greater Munich area.

The hand is to hear that the property markets are supplied in the coming week with new Xbox one consoles. Supply of PlayStation-4 devices is expected until the week after next. The most consoles are already reserved. Who must have one, try either personally on-site or via the Web pages of the dealer to pre-order a copy. Dealer websites seem stable so far. They have a good hosting company.

Amazon indicates availability from 20th December 2013 for the Xbox one. Who ordered the PlayStation 4 now, gets them according to the online retailer is expected until after Christmas, probably only in January 2014.

The situation is similar at the specialized game hardware and software retail chain GameStop. Online the PlayStation 4 is there no order, the Xbox one is available 13 December 2013. On the map with the individual branches are in the case of the PS4 to see only red “sold out”-Fähnchen, with the Xbox one, there are at least a couple green “in stock” – marks.

High price premiums on eBay

The Xbox one, which costs officially around 500 euro is available for 550 to 600 euros on eBay. The premiums are significantly larger when the PlayStation 4: instead of the official price recommendation of 400 euros payable at the moment depending on the seller between 600 and 800 euros.

The platform tries to restrict the black market at least some. Who would like to order more than nine PlayStation 4 in one swoop, receives a note: “most eBay members may sell the new video game console, there are however limits for the number of items that can be set per week.” A request for details and the exact reason has not been answered by eBay so far.

There are both consoles only in the “household” amount of two copies per buyer at It is also not possible to redirect the delivery. According to Amazon, this is so because of technical problems. There is also speculation that this direct resale is to be complicated by pre-ordered consoles to the highest bidder at auctions.

Submitting a Reconsideration Request to Google for the New Blog

So I have decided to add the new domain to Google Webmasters Tool and was quite surprised what was waiting for me there. I had a message stating that some of the pages of my website are not in line with Google Quality Guidelines.

That’s weird for a number of reasons. First of all I have only one blog post (two with this one) so far that you have probably already read. I went through it and I cannot find anything wrong with it. I checked the links and they are all correct and pointing to sites that I found really useful. Also checked spelling, looked for hidden links but nothing.

I’m curious what’s gonna happen and will report back to you guys. But until that time I’m not writing more posts. I may have to move to a new domain if I don’t get some tips from Google what’s wrong with this domain.

UPDATE: I have just received a message from Google that the previous spam action has been revoked. I think the previous owner of the domains had something to do with this. Anyway, for me that means I am back to blogging!


Welcome to Ebukiet.Net!

We have rethought and redesigned the site and hope you will find it useful. Filling up the site with content is going to take some time, but we are onto that. Just be patient. Hopefully this time I will not get lazy and will keep on blogging.

In the first post let’s go over some basics about web hosting. Web hosting is a service offering space for storing information, images, or other content that is accessible via a website. To ensure speed and safety, and to ensure that a web page or site is always available, they are stored with a hosting company.

Hosting can be divided into several types:

Free hosting

Usually comes with limited capabilities. Running scripts (e.g., PHP) and the usage of your domain is often not possible. Disk space and bandwidth are typically limited. Sometimes the hosting company adds advertising to each page of your site.

Shared hosting

Multiple (hundreds) of websites on the same server are installed. This makes it possible for one site to slow down or even crash the other sites on the same server.

Reseller Hosting

This is for those who want to own a web host. Provides a lot of disk space and bandwidth that can be distributed over all the sites that the user adds to the account. It’s similar to shared hosting, but the buyer has more freedom and can sell web hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

It allows a physical server to house multiple virtual servers. Each customer has an administrator or root access to the server and can configure user rights. The customer can have a VPS for applications other than using it for Web sites. If a virtual server crashes, then the other customers will not notice. Processor capacity, bandwidth, and hard disk are divided by the customers.

Dedicated hosting

The customer gets his server (machine) and has full rights to set data limits and hard disk space.

Managed hosting

The client receives a server (or part thereof) but gives the administration and maintenance of the server to the hosting company.

Co-located hosting

The customer places his server in the space of the co-location provider. It is required to have a “19″ rack-mountable “server to place of 1, 2 or 4U (Units) 1U = 1.73 inch = 4.4 cm high. Again, the customer has to take bandwidth limit into account, but hard disks can be placed in desired quantity or expanded.

Cloud hosting

A new form of hosting on clustered (interconnected) servers, creating large scalability. The benefits include better availability, reliability, and speed.

Services of web hosting providers

There are many web hosting providers. Although in principle they are separate services, most of them provide the registration of a domain name and setting up name servers.

Most providers run servers under Linux operating system, using Apache web server, MySQL database, and the PHP scripting language. This combination is called LAMP and is particularly popular because this software has no licensing fees. Some Web applications, such as Active Server Pages (ASP or ASP.NET) and link to a Microsoft Access database are more suitable for a Microsoft Windows server, which, however, entails more licensing. Nowadays there are also opportunities for ASP on a Linux server.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned!